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2018 NA LCS Spring Split Week 6 – TSM Make a Statement - Esportsranks
2018 NA LCS Spring Split Week 6 – TSM Make a Statement

The 2018 NA LCS Spring Split has been and will continue to be one of the craziest splits we’ve ever had. The playoff spots are basically all still to play for, with some teams looking for an end of the season surge to take them over the finishing line. TSM completed another much needed 2-0 week, whilst Optic and Clutch gaming only picked up one win apiece, when they probably needed 2.

2018 NA LCS Spring Split Week 6 Day 1

100 Thieves vs. C9

Both teams started off aggressively, with 100 Thieves coming out on top of some good trades. They were led by Aphromoo, who hit hook, after hook, after hook. Cody Sun came out of the early game incredibly fed, and this patch is basically whichever botlane wins lane, wins the game. The Skarner Thresh combo was proving very strong also, and 100 Thieves had a massive lead thanks to their bot lane.

This was too much for C9 to handle, and 100 Thieves managed to end the game before 30 minutes. What a statement by 100 Thieves, beating top dogs C9 in such a dominating fashion.

CLG vs. Clutch Gaming

Clutch Gaming continued to look good, with Febiven continuing to play like a typical EU mid-laner, albeit in NA. An overstep by Darshan gave CG first blood, but some great macro play gave them the first turret of the game. Febiven outplayed Huhi in the mid lane to get an almost solo kill, but CLG continued to dominate the macro game. Despite being up 3 towers, they were actually down on gold at 18 minutes.

Clutch Gaming began evening up the gold as they took down the outer-turrets, long-defended by CLG. Once they took down all the outer-turrets, CG were massively ahead and started to really put their mark on the game.

A great engage by Reignover brought Febiven to his doom, leading CLG to break the base of CG. However, CG rushed down Baron and ended the game after Solo caught CLG off guard with 2 Sion ultis in one passage of play. CG ended the game shortly afterwards.

TSM vs. Echo Fox

2018 NA LCS

Bjergsen waves at fans after a much-needed victory vs. top dogs Echo Fox

TSM needed a win here after their performance in the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split had been looking bleak for the past few weeks. Fenix’s incredibly risky Fiora mid-lane pick was abused, and the lead which was built up in the early game by TSM was snowballed into Baron and an almost wipe (despite Huni’s 2v1). Bjergsen picked up a triple kill, which was followed shortly by TSM ending the game.

Golden Guardians vs. Optic Gaming

2018 NA LCS

Optic’s substitute Dhokla enjoys a debut win

Optic continued their late in the season surge, after catching Contractz with a double counter gank. This gave them quite a large early game lead, and a rather scary Tristana to have to contend with. Optic were playing incredibly different to how they started the season, and Arrow continued to help carry his team. Zig had been replaced by Dhokla, from the academy, and he played fairly well.

This new, coherent and patient Optic squad definitely has something about it, and there’s a huge chance that they could advance past the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split and make it to the playoffs.

Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest

Liquid were impressive yet again, despite a missplay by Xmithe early on. Xmihte and Pobelter showed their synergy yet again this game, completely dominating Fly early on. Fly weren’t going down without a fight, however, as they got 2 kills back. However, Pobelter was really getting strong on Azir now, and his non-stop roaming was proving impossible to contend with.

In the end TL took a mid-game teamfight, which they subsequently won, took Baron, and began to storm ahead. Every single member of TL was together as a unit, and they ended the game just before 30 minutes.

2018 NA LCS Spring Split Week 6 Day 2

TSM vs. Optic

This was an important game for both teams, with both teams looking to make it into the play-offs. TSM picked up first blood, first tower and began really putting their stamp on the game around the 16 minute mark. Week 6 TSM looked as good as TSM did last year, and the kings of NA may still be exactly that, should they continue on like this. A good old fashion stomping, which put smiles on TSM’s fans and players faces. Potentially for the first time this split.

FlyQuest vs. 100 Thieves

An early gank by Meteos gave 100 Thieves first blood, and the Blitzcrank was causing them all kinds of problems. A slight over-extension by 100 Thieves put FlyQuest back in the game, but Cody Sun was ramping up on Tristana. A great flash hook by Aphromoo set-up an inch perfect team-fight, which was swiftly followed by an Infernal Drake. 100 Thieves continued to make picks all across the map, which eventually led to Baron and quite a large gold deficit. They really turned up the heat at the 25-minute mark, and started to completely rip apart FlyQuest’s base.

This eventually led to a 36-minute victory, despite the best efforts of Fly. A 2-0 week for 100 Thieves at a pivotal moment in the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split.

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Week 6

Week 6 Day 1 at 2018 NA LCS Spring Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 24 February 2018.

Echo Fox vs. Team Liquid

Huni played Yasuo yet again, and was this time punished hard for the pick. However, as per usual, Echo Fox overturned a small deficit in the early game, with some great play in the mid game. Huni showed that he wasn’t going to be bullied, by roaming with his team. This netted them first & second turret, and a mountain drake. Team Liquid continued to pick on Huni, was Echo Fox were ready to reply with roams of their own. Fox snowballed this pressure into a Baron, and ended the game incredibly quickly, thanks to a fantastic Ryze ultimate to bring minions from the Inhibitor to the nexus.

CLG vs. Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians started off strongly, with Contractz picking up 3 kills early on. First tower was also picked up by Hai solo, which gave GG a significant early game gold lead. This was used by the Guardians to pressure across the map, which gave them a 23 minute Baron. They lost most of the buffs, however, as CLG collapsed on them. Golden Guardians slowly marched on, slowly but surely pressing their advantage.

A final explosive team-fight around Baron gave Golden Guardians the team-fight they had patiently been waiting for, and another Ryze ultimate helped them end the game shortly afterwards.

C9 vs. Clutch Gaming

Clutch Gaming were looking to show that they were indeed a top tier team, and if they beat C9 here they would actually be tied with them. Licorice led the charge, quite literally (on Kled), destroying his fellow rookie Solo in the top lane. Clutch Gaming looekd to be capitulating under the pressure of a vastly superior C9.

The pressure in the top lane meant that Svenskeren had free rein across the map. Clutch Gaming never really got into the game, and C9 ended the game before Clutch were even able to begin scaling. C9 will be happy with that one, Licorice will be especially happy after his not so good week last week.

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What do you think of TSM’s sudden resurgence after opening up the season on the wrong foot? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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