2018 NA LCS Spring Season Week 3 Day 2 – TSM on the rise?

Day 2 of Week 3 of the 2018 NA LCS Spring Season gave us pretty much the same thing in Day 1, especially as far as TSM goes, who seem to be on the rise after starting the season flat.

FOX vs. Optic

Fox were playing with massive amounts of confidence, despite their first loss of 2018 NA LCS Spring Season yesterday. They were playing against Optic, who were really struggling this split. Fox were massively ahead at 17 minutes, with an 8k gold lead. After picking up baron, Fenix made a mistake for Fox and got caught out after PoE ulted onto him with Ryze. This actually extended the game, but in the end, Fox were too strong and ended the game after picking up Elder and Baron. Close, but no cigar for Optic.

2018 NA LCS Spring Season

100T vs. TSM

Could TSM get a much needed win against 100 Thieves? First and second blood were both picked up by 100 Thieves, but first blood turret was actually picked up by TSM. TSM managed to keep up some good pressure, with some great rotations and some great objective control, including every single dragon of the game. The game looked to be over as TSM came a-knocking on 100 Thieves’ door, however a miracle defence at the nexus meant the game was extended. However, TSM simply recycled the play, this time with Elder Drake and Baron, and managed to end the game.

GG vs. TL

Golden Guardians were at least attempting some proactive plays across the map, however, they simply weren’t working. An almost ace at 16 minutes in favour of Team Liquid gave them a massive advantage, which they then used to dive Golden Guardians just minutes later. The 24-minute Baron further extended the gold lead, and TL ended the game at 26 minutes.

CG vs. C9

LirA got caught early on invading Svenskeren, after Smoothie managed to roam on Alistar incredibly early on. Febiven got caught with both summoners still up (cleanse and flash) and didn’t use a single one. The pressure all over the map was relentless from C9. despite an attempted fightback from Clutch Gaming, C9 picked up Baron. Licorice got caught soloing a few times. The gold lead amassed by the rest of his team was too much to handle, and C9 ended the game after picking up Elder and Baron.

2018 NA LCS Spring Season


A bit of a crazy fight very early on into the game gave CLG an advantage. They left their ADC pushing in the bot lane while the others fought. These fights continued, with every single on CLG coming out on top. This allowed them to pick up Baron Nashor, but some nice play by WildTurtle took Darshan down. This didn’t stop the push, however. In the end, it was the Turtle classic (Jumping in on Tristana to finish a kill, flashing out and then dying) which meant that CLG could end the game.


TSM managed to go 2-0 in Week 3 of the 2018 NA LCS Spring Season, which they will be very happy with. They’ve had a rough split so far. However, it was always too early to call them out, and this recovery seems as if it’s not stopping yet. Especially as they beat a fairly strong looking 100 Thieves.

Furthermore, the new meta for ending the game in the late game appears to be picking up Elder and Baron and smashing down the opponents base. This happened about 4 times today.

2018 NA LCS Spring Season

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