2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals: kt Rolster vs Griffin

The 2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals will feature a matchup between two of the top teams of the LCK this summer, kt Rolster and Griffin.

Afreeca Freecs had come too far and fought too hard to stop now, but Griffin had set their eyes on the LCK Summer Finals, and there was no stopping them. Afreeca Freecs would have qualified for Worlds 2018 had they won against Griffin in Round 2 of the LCK, which makes their run so far quite a tragic one since they’ll have to fight through the Gauntlet in order to give themselves another chance at qualifying for the international event this year.

Now, the 2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals are going to go down between Griffin and kt Rolster.

2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals: Matchup Analysis

The first thing that comes to mind after witnessing Round 2 of the LCK Summer playoffs is just how close the match was. The scoreboard will record the match as a straightforward win for Griffin, but in reality, there was much more to this match.

Griffin Did Not Play Cleanly

2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals

Griffin have a lot of time to cover up their weaknesses to prepare for the 2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals. (Image via kenzi Flickr)

That much should be obvious from the fact that the match went all the way to the 5th game. Both teams kept slipping up at various instances, and Griffin was able to abuse many such mistakes made by Afreeca Freecs, and vice versa.

Griffin had a serious problem facing the macro strategies put forth by Afreeca Freecs, and kept giving away objectives for free because they were too distracted by some lone members of the enemy team. They even let a Baron get sneaked away by Afreeca Freecs while they were chasing one enemy champion down in the bot lane. They’ll need to work hard to cover up such weaknesses.

Viper Was Underwhelming

griffin chovy 2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals

Griffin have the talent, but their lack of experience might be a hurdle against kt Rolster. (Image via kenzi Flickr)

And that’s a good thing. The fact that Griffin won even though their main carry struggled means that they’re not bound to a single win condition.

This could translate well into their match against kt Rolster in the 2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals.

Griffin’s Teamfighting Was On Point

2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals

Afreeca Freecs may be down, but they have a chance to make it past the gauntlet. (Image via kenzi Flickr)

If there was one redeeming characteristic about the way Griffin handled themselves against Afreeca, it’s their teamfights. They did not hold back no matter what, even when they were on the losing and non-scaling side of the deal when it came to compositions. In fact, this was one of the main reasons for their ultimate victory.

During the final game, when the environment was inclined towards Afreeca taking the win, Griffin came up with a clutch teamfight during a Baron contest which completely changed the entire arena. Griffin knew that a single showdown could decide the game, and Chovy unleashed a perfect Orianna ultimate which deleted Afreeca, leading Griffin to run down their enemy’s Nexus.

2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals: Predicted Winner

With the way things have been going on in the LCK this split, it’s nearly impossible to determine which team is going to come out on top.

What we do know is that both teams are quite similar when it comes to skill level. On the top lane, Smeb has far more experience, and can play all sorts of matchups. Sword also demonstrated that he was able to do something similar, because a huge part of Griffin’s draft was to counter what Kiin was going with in the top lane.

When it comes to the bot lane, Kramer might have been a great pick against kt’s Deft because of his innate ability to play Awesome Dudes (non-Marksmen champions that carry the botlane). Viper and Deft have a similar playstyle, which is why the results will be more about how each team plays out their laning phase.

kt Rolster Have Their Advantages

2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals

kt Rolster have every tool necessary to win the split. (Image via kenzi Flickr)

For now, we’ll have to place our money on kt Rolster due to their standing in the split. They’ve played immaculately in the group stage, and even though they struggled against MVP in their final match, and could have played the split even better, they’re still the best as per the results.

Kt Rolster also have more experience in the LCK than Griffin, and have had far more time to prepare for the finals. They’ve surely got a plan at the ready to counter Griffin after witnessing them against Afreeca.

Having said that, we predict that kt Rolster will win the split 3-2, although, as stated before, it’s virtually impossible to make predictions in the LCK anymore.

Betting: kt Rolster to win at 1.75 odds (GGbet)

What do you think of our prediction? Do you think Griffin have hope against kt Rolster in the 2018 LCK Summer Playoffs Finals?  Let us know in the comments below!

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