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2018 LCK Regionals Day 2: Odds, Analysis, Predictions - Esportsranks
2018 LCK Regionals Day 2: Odds, Analysis, Predictions

Gen.G find themselves at odds with the feared Griffin, and for the last time this year, because only one of these teams will survive Day 2 of the 2018 LCK Regionals.

As has been mostly the case for most of the 2018 LCK Spring and Summer Splits, it’s going to be immensely difficult to tell which team will reign supreme.

If you were watching, Gen.G’s performance against SKT earlier in Day 1 of the 2018 LCK Regionals wasn’t exactly stellar. They’ve got a lot to improve if they want to represent their region on the international stage at Worlds 2018.

SKT Have Finally Been Brought Down

2018 LCK Regionals

SKT is not going to Worlds this year. Is this the end of an era? (Image via kenzi Flickr)

It’s surreal to think that SKT is out of the game for this year. It’s actually happened … never did we think that this team would actually find themselves at a closed. They’ve been down such roads before, but they’ve always – always – managed to pull through, no matter how dire the situation. Even during the last spit, prospects were bleak for them, but they wrestled through the storm and fought their way to MSI.

Now, however, it’s the end of the line for them. While our feature is on 2018 LCK Regionals Day 2, it’s necessary to pay tribute to this fallen team who once ruled the world of League of Legends. They’ve been going down steadily for quite some time now, but fans still had hope for them. Unfortunately, that hope is no more – at least for this year.

There’s no telling what’s next for this team; they might disintegrate entirely, or they might make a massive comeback after possible roster changes next year. Until then, SKT are out of the picture.

Griffin – A Mightier Opponent Than SK Telecom?

2018 LCK Regionals

Griffin’s team members are highly skilled. Can they dominate the 2018 LCK Regionals Day 2? (Image via kenzi Flickr)

So far, Griffin have really given the entire region a run for their money. They came impossibly close to winning the split itself, and wouldn’t even have been here if it hadn’t been for kt Rolster’s excellent playmaking skills.

From an observer’s point of view, Griffin struggles when it comes to macro plays. Their mechanics and strength in the lane is magnificent. The best ADCs of the region have stated that they’re apprehensive of the Lehends and Viper duo. There’s a reason behind that: Viper carries almost as hard as Uzi from the LPL and Upset from the EU LCS no matter which way the game is swinging.

Lehends has often been the support who has gone over to the mid lane to help Chovy speed things up. Viper, like all the laners on this team, is mechanically gifted, and can really turn team fights and skirmishes in his team’s favor. He can play all sorts of carries with the most notable being Kai’sa, on which he can dish out huge amounts of damage without getting caught out.

Sword, Griffin’s top laner, is someone that no one wants to lane against. He holds the potential to carry on tanks … and that’s pretty much the dream top laner that every team wants. CuVee will have to play really carefully when he’s up against him.

Gen.G’s Strong Points in 2018 LCK Regionals Day 2

2018 LCK Regionals

Gen.G have more experience, which should help them win the 2018 LCK Regionals Day 2. (Image via kenzi Flickr)

It’s not all dark for Gen.G right now. They have exactly what Griffin don’t – and that’s some proper macro gameplay. There’s no universe in which Gen.G wins against Griffin through aggression, especially the early game type. They’ll have to outmanoeuvre and outplay Griffin as hard as they can.

kt Rolster carried out the same strategy to secure their victory of the summer split, and we’re confident that Gen.G can pull it off too. All they’ll need is some patience, and the ability to not get caught out of position – something which they repeatedly demonstrated against SKT on day 1 of the Regional matches.

Gen.G members also displayed a lot of individual skills during today’s match as well. We saw them opt-in for strategies which aren’t orthodox for them, like picking early game compositions against a scaling comp from SKT. It didn’t work out so well, but Gen.G still showed that they had the flexibility to go through with it. This should enable them to counter any late-game strategies that Griffin might unleash at the very last moment.

Gen.G Players Appear to be on Top of Their Game

2018 LCK Regionals

Ruler might not be able to stand up against Griffin’s Viper. (Image via kenzi Flickr)

That much is apparent when we look at how Ambition played during the match against SKT. Blank was barely able to get any farm at all regardless of what sort of champion he was playing. Ambition had all the scuttle crabs, and kept invading Blank’s camps, effectively starving him out.

Crown came in after SKT took their first game of the match. He showed us some true skill on Ryze, kiting nearly half of SKT and almost taking them down before dying. He’s in form right now and should be able to hold his own against Chovy in the lane.

CuVee was dependable, as always. He was also surprisingly aggressive, as seen from his flash into the dragon pit in order to secure a kill. His Gangplank was on point, and so were his other picks. Whether he’s on a tank or a tank shredder, he should be able to hold his own against Sword until team fights break out.

Ruler did was he was supposed to, which was to simply rain consistent damage on the enemy team. He wasn’t always able to since SKT did play well during the games. He was mostly invisible but did his job for the most part. However, if there’s a single Gen.G player who might not survive the early game, it’s Ruler.

2018 LCK Regionals Day 2: Prediction

Betting: Gen.G to win at odds 2.89 odds (ArcaneBet)

If all goes as expected (which is not very likely), Gen.G should be able to abuse the macro game to their advantage. They’re a team with far greater experience with best of 5 matches, having appeared in numerous playoffs. They’ve even got plenty of international experience under their belt, which indicates that they’ll have the upper hand against the relatively inexperienced Griffin.

If Gen.G can somehow stop Viper from completely taking over, they’ll have a fair shot at advancing over to Friday and facing Kingzone DragonX.

All in all, we predict Gen.G will win against Team Griffin 3-2 and move on to play in Day 3 of the 2018 LCK Regionals.

What do you think about our prediction for Day 2 of the 2018 LCK Regionals? Do you think Gen.G will win, or do you think the lack of experience won’t hinder Griffin’s ruthless charge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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