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2018 LCK Regional Finals Day 3: Odds, Analysis, Predictions - Esportsranks
2018 LCK Regional Finals Day 3: Odds, Analysis, Predictions

Day 3 of the 2018 LCK Regional Finals will see Gen.G try and continue their push towards a spot in the worlds, this time against the 2018 Rift Rifals and MSI runner-ups, KING-Zone DragonX.

It may be difficult to comprehend, but Griffin are out for the rest of the year.

This is quite the disappointing finish for a team touted as the next big thing, especially because they’ve gotten unimaginably close to getting to Worlds twice already; once against kT Rolster in the LCK Summer Split Finals and the other against Gen.G.

In both cases, Griffin were just one match point away from booking their flight to Worlds 2018. But alas, that didn’t happen, and now, we’ve not choice but to move on to Day 3 of the 2018 LCK Regional Finals, where we’ll have to figure out which of the two remaining teams will move forward as the LCK’s third seed for Worlds 2018.

In their matchup against Griffin, Gen.G’s playstyle was quite different from what we imagined it would be. Instead of playing it safe, they attacked Griffin head on. They didn’t give Griffin any breathing room to work out their aggressive strategies. Of course, that didn’t exactly work out all the time. Lest we forget, the match did go all the way to a Game 5, which suggests that Gen.G’s playstyle, although it eventually won out, had a couple of weaknesses.

Chief among Gen.G’s weaknesses is playing Haru into Tarzan. This worked. At least, nearly half of the time, and when it did, it looked spectacular. But, Tarzan is known for his aggression, and it was clear that Haru had a hard time keeping up.

Having said that, Gen.G will have to work out that weaknesses if they are to pull off yet another upset in Day 3 of the 2018 LCK Regional Finals.

All odds courtesy of GGbet.

2018 LCK Regional Finals: Who Will Win?

2018 LCK Regional Finals

PraY and his trusty support are an iconic duo. Will Ruler be able to hold out? (Image via kenzi Flickr)

The Korean third seed rides on this question. The finals are going to be far more jam-packed with action than the match we saw today because it’ll be the last one. Kingzone and Gen.G will give this match every ounce of willpower they can muster up, which is great for us since it means that some incredible matches are headed our way.

What we do know is that Kingzone were on top of their game when they were rudely defeated by Afreeca Freecs. No one on earth was expecting that to happen, because even now, Kingzone seem like a far superior team to any other in the region. We even thought they’d be the ones to destroy Griffin once and for all. However, their position is far more precarious now in the 2018 LCK Regional Finals than it was a few weeks ago. It’s a fight to the death now, and there’s no forgiveness for failure this time.

Kingzone Have Raw Talent on Their Side

2018 LCK Regional Finals

Peanut is a legendary jungler. Is this his time to shine? (Image via kenzi Flickr)

Their entire roster is the stuff of legends, and quite often they simply steamroll over their opponents and make a beeline for victory. This time, they’ll have to move more carefully – Gen.G are a team that can easily spot mistakes and punishes them hard. The only way for them to win is to use Peanut’s aggression perfectly … he can’t be spotted on anything less active than a Gragas.

Kindred hasn’t been seen for quite some time, but we can see Peanut working well with her. Picks like AP Gragas are more Peanut’s style too. The rest of Kingzone’s lineup doesn’t have to do much expect what they normally do. No member from Gen.G poses a solo threat to their team, which gives them a huge advantage in the laning phase.

The mid lane matchup is also heavily in Kingzone’s favour during the 2018 LCK Regional Finals due to how dominant Bdd is as a player. He doesn’t slow down, and picks the most aggressive champions available in the meta. He’s been taking off on Irelia, and we’re now predicting he’ll be on a Ryze or Akali, should Gen.G make the mistake of leaving these picks open. We don’t see a world in which Gen.G will be able to match Kingzone’s early game and laning prowess.

What Gen.G Need To Win

2018 LCK Regional Finals

Ambition has shown a different playstyle recently. Will it work against Kingzone’s aggressive jungler? (Image via kenzi Flickr)

Gen.G showed promise during their last match, and they can deliver a similar performance in the 2018 LCK Regional Finals against Kingzone. All they have to do is keep up a similar level of aggression. If they can make it work against a team like Griffin, Kingzone should fall in a reminiscent manner.

What’s stopping them from snatching a quick victory this way is Kingzone DragonX’s level of experience. Not only have they been observing Gen.G’s behaviour closely during their match with Griffin, they’ve also played with them over plenty of splits. They know Gen.G far better than Griffin did, which gives them a huge edge.

Other than that, Gen.G needs to drag the games on for as long as they can. Kingzone know how to handle the late game, but we believe Gen.G are more qualified for the task. Once Gen.G can start playing the macro game without having to worry about Peanut showing up out of nowhere, they’ll be at ease. Ruler can definitely carry the late game far better than PraY, while CuVee has the ability to keep up with and perhaps even defeat Khan.

2018 LCK Regional Finals Predictions

2018 LCK Regional Finals

Gen.G have had a good run, but we don’t think they’re winning the 2018 LCK Regional Finals. (Image via kenzi Flickr)

Betting: Kingzone to win at 1.52 odds (ggBet)

As always, it’s a close call. There’s no telling which team will be on top because by our calculations, Kingzone DragonX shouldn’t even be in the regional matches in the first place! However, now that we’re here, we think we’ve got a good chance at predicting which team will go on to this year’s international stage … partly due to us being accurate on those predictions more often than not recently.

We think Kingzone DragonX will take the 2018 LCK Regional Finals cleanly. The reason behind that is the pure strength that they’ve wielded in the past few weeks. They’ve looked nigh unstoppable, with even teams like kt Rolster and Griffin not being able to handle them.

While Gen.G has amazing map control and late gameplay, Kingzone will most likely not allow the games to go on for that long. They’re notorious for snowballing games out of control, and they’ve shown already that Gen.G isn’t much of a threat to them. They’re probably a little ticked off at Afreeca beating them in the playoffs, and they’re likely hungry for revenge.

Our prediction will go to a Kingzone DragonX victory. It might be a close one and might even go to the fifth game. Or it could end up with a 3-0 clean sweep by Kingzone, which is generally how that team likes to play. All that we’re certain off is that Kingzone will be victorious in this matchup and will go on to become the third seed of the LCK.

What do you think of our prediction? Do you think Kingzone will be the victors here in the 2018 LCK Regional Finals, or is Gen.G going to come up with a clutch victory? Let us know in the comments below!

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