2018 EU Spring Split Week 7 Preview – It’s G2 Esports’ Turn

One word summarizes last week’s 2018 EU Spring Split: Disney. Everything lined up so well that we saw a happy ending. I almost cried with joy. Fnatic, for one, seems to have regained their old form, back to their ways when we were always certain that they would walk away with the win. Meanwhile, G2 is back in the fray, now just as strong as they were last year.

Heading into Week 7 of the 2018 EU Spring Split, both Fnatic and G2 are on top of the ladder, which is where they should have been all season long.

Gilius won’t be trash talking anymore

It’s probably safe to say that he’s learned his lesson by now. It’s not like he lacks talent. Gilius is still perhaps one of the best jungler in the 2018 EU Spring Split by far. However, as Doublelift has already taught us, trash talk doesn’t work well when you can’t back it up.

Yes, it is Gilius. It certainly is. 

Vitality’s future on the line?

Not likely. Yes, they went on a losing streak, but this shouldn’t be it for the team. We’re hoping and expecting this team to keep performing. It’s no secret that this team is no stranger to hard work. If they’re anything like what we know of them, they’re going to work even harder and turn some heads in Week 7 of the 2018 EU Spring Split.

We’re expecting them to win against Schalke, but their match against Vitality is what’ll decide their place in the 2018 EU Spring Split. With the Giants close behind, their place among the top 3 teams in Europe is highly threatened.

Misfits – Up or Down?

We’ve hyped this team a lot during the season. In a similar situation to last year’s Worlds, this spring split saw only Misfits shining while the rest of the top teams gave way to the enemy – this time in the form of Team Vitality; the rookie team who took the region by storm.

Now, it seems that Fnatic and G2 won’t give Misfits to get up. Misfits really need to get their game in check if they want to keep competing. It’s unlucky for them that they have to face off against FNC this week, who seem to be in their prime. If Misfits can pull it off, they’ll be back in the game.

Which Champions Should We Expect This Week?

Patch 8.4 has arrived, and it’s going to completely level the playing field. New items have been introduced, and a lot of the old ones have been tampered with. The game feels quite different, if you haven’t already tested it out. The main changes are those concerning the mid lane items.

In short, what patch 8.4 means for this week of the 2018 EU Spring Split is that Zoe is never going to be picked. She’s been nerfed to the ground and is in no way playable anymore.

Here are a couple of changes that we’ll expect to see in the upcoming games of the 2018 EU Spring Split.


2018 EU Spring

Cassiopeia is going to be OP this patch

We haven’t seen our slithery friend on the Rift during pro matches for quite some time now. However, the recent changes have been kind to her, which means that she might be seen during this week. Her outplay potential, and teamfighting capabilities make her an excellent pick for pro play.


2018 EU Spring

Sion Patch 8.4

This is perhaps the most busted champion in the game right now. Regardless of whether you have experience on him or not, you’re bound to do well in game if you pick him. We’re sure this champion will not only be extensively played in the upcoming matches but will be a hot pick and ban candidate. He has the ability to turn games with his long range ult, and him being OP means that his team gets a reliable engage as well as an excellent tank.


2018 EU Spring

Janna Patch 8.4

The introduction of the Twin Shadows item has made this champion even more lethal than she was before. Twin Shadows has a passive which slows two opponents. Since Janna’s entire kit revolves around providing disengage for her team, this effect makes her even better.

The Heavy Favourites

G2 Esports

It feels really refreshing to have G2 up on this list. It’s been far too long since this team has been in the spotlight, and it seems like this is their time to show the world that their legacy won’t be forgotten easily. They are feeling united as a team, and after weeks of promising that they’ll come up, they’ve finally done it.


Fnatic are on top of the 2018 EU Spring Split. Their wins were so full of hype during the last few weeks, it felt surrealistic like we had time traveled to the early years of Fnatic. They’re the kings of Europe now, but the upcoming games will be testing. But hey, this isn’t something that Fnatic hasn’t done before and they have shown that they have what it takes to stay on top.

Judging by how well they’re currently playing, we expect them to top the 2018 EU Spring Split.

Must-Watch Matches for Week 7

There are a few matches that you cannot miss under any circumstances. These matches have the potential to drastically change the playing field in the 2018 EU Spring Split, and hold the utmost importance.

Misfits vs. Fnatic

Prediction: Fnatic Win

Betting odds: 2.33 (Misfits) – 1.57 (Fnatic) via Arcanebet

This match will pretty much be clash of the Titans. Misfits are now in need more than ever before of a good play, because unlike before, they’re now considered a top team. To remain a top team, their going to have to beat Fnatic.

Fnatic, on the other hand, don’t see that happening. They’ve fought long and hard to come up to the top, and we all witnessed their struggle first hand. This time, it’s Fnatic who have made plenty of varied strategies work in their favor. Misfits not only failed to come up with their own, but also failed to find a counter for teams who tried different strategies on them.

We think that Fnatic will be winning this match. We’re counting team morale as a factor here, because Fnatic seemed to improve with every win they got under their belt. Fnatic has been playing immaculately, and if Misfits play like they’ve been for the last few weeks, this game is all but in Fnatic’s favor.

Fnatic vs. Vitality

Prediction: Fnatic Win

Betting odds: 1.55 (Fnatic) – 2.29 (Vitality) via GG.BET

Fnatic’s troubles don’t end with Misfits, however. If they manage to win, an arguably more formidable foe; Vitality. Vitality’s pride has been wounded, and it’s likely that they’re more dangerous now than they’ve ever been.

Their coach was visibly displeased with their performance as they were, and we can expect a better performance from them, which brings us to Fnatic. Will Fnatic be able to best this monstrous team that has completely dominated Europe with its current roster? We think they will. They’re on a role, and Vitality won’t have the confidence to try new strategies. Fnatic, on the other hand, will likely try new stuff on the updated patch, and will probably take the win.

G2 Esports vs. Giants

Predicition: G2 Esports Win via GG.BET

Betting Odds: 1.39 (G2 Esports) – 2.76 (Giants)

This match isn’t as high profile as the other two, but it’s still important. It’ll decide whether G2 is actually on the winning spree they think they are. Giants have proven that they don’t care which team is facing them – they’re in the game to win.

The Giants have also shown a knack for coming up with amazing teamfight strats that leave their opponents helpless. If G2 can overcome Giants, which we think they will, they’ll be a strong contender to win this season.

Since the 2018 EU Spring Split consists of single matches between teams, all it takes to go on as the winner is a single cheese strategy that catches opponents by surprise. It’s just a matter of which team shows more creativity rather than consistency.


It’s getting exciting in the 2018 EU Spring Split, and we can feel it. No matter how many players the NA LCS buys off, the EU LCS always shows immense talent and creativity. We wish all the teams the best of luck this week, and hope we get a show worth watching.

Who do you think will come up big in Week 7 of the 2018 EU Spring Split? Let us know in the comments below!

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