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2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3: Predictions, Odds, Preview - Esportsranks
2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3: Predictions, Odds, Preview

If the previous week is any indication, the games we’re going to see in the 2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3 is going to be leaving us in awe. But, then again, EU isn’t the only region where teams are improvising and changes things on the fly, often to creative and entertaining effect.

For example, who would’ve ever thought that we’d ever see Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok playing Taric in the mid lane? Or, what about Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon wreaking havoc all over the map?

Having said that, we should expect more of the same, if not for teams to take it even up a notch in the 2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3.

Unicorns of Love Are Finally Back

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3

UOL have what it takes to climb further (via LoL Esports Flickr)

After months of disappointing fans, the Unicorns of Love are finally stepping up and have finally managed to salvage a few wins for themselves.

Although those wins weren’t against the best teams in the EU LCS right now, they were still something. Splyce was one of the top performing teams last season, which goes to say a lot. Giants aren’t also half-bad either. The fact that UOL were able to overcome their opponents means there could be a bright future ahead of them

Besides, whenever UOL had lost in the past few months, they were always in the game and had a chance to win. Most of their losses were due to botched teamfights and simple macro mistakes that could have been avoided and finally, this team seems to have finally started working on those weaknesses.

Fnatic Have Found a Way Around the New Meta

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3 will be a huge test for Fnatic as they go up against G2 Esports. (via LoL Esports Flickr)

We predicted that Fnatic would have some serious difficulty adapting to the new meta. We were absolutely right. Fnatic had their main carry, Rekkles, on Janna as a support. Things were going pretty horribly for them, but their management made on decision that completely turned the tables for them.

Rekkles was subbed out for Bwipo. This allowed Fnatic to successfully adapt to the current meta as Bwipo could easily play a bruiser in the botlane. Fnatic were able to dominate every one of their opponents using this strategy, with Rekkles happily streaming online. They were able to convert a losing situation into a winning one, and that’s always admirable. They’re looking really strong at this point, and it seems like they’ve got what it takes to keep winning this season.

Misfits Are Looking Like the Heavy Favourites

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3

Misfits are looking impressive so far (via LoL Esports Flickr)

Misfits are, as of now, the most dominant team in the region. They’ve had little to no trouble taking down their opponents, and are only matched in their win-loss ratio by G2 Esports. When it comes to matchups so far, Misfits has handled tougher opponents than G2. However, we won’t be finding out which team could win against each other because they won’t be facing each other this week.

What we can say for sure is that Misfits are highly likely to win their matchups this week. They’ve got the coordination to take down just about anyone in EU, and we’d even put our money on them if they were against G2.

Must-Watch Matches for 2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3

We’re expecting G2 Esports to dominate the stage in 2018 EU LCS Summer Week 3. (via lolesports flickr)

Schalke 04 vs. Misfits (Day 1)

Prediction: Misfits win

Odds: 1.43 (Misfits) – 2.71 (Schalke) via ArcaneBet

This match highlights what Schalke has achieved so far. They’ve made mistakes, and they claim that they’ve recognized their weaknesses. There’s no better test than going against the beast that is Misfits. So far, Amazing hasn’t exactly been perfect, but his addition has certainly improved his team’s playstyle. Other than that, we’ll see Misfits in action, which is always a good thing. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll do on the new patch.

UOL vs. Vitality (Day 1)

Prediction: UOL win

Odds: 1.65 (Vitality) – 2.13 (UOL) via ArcaneBet

The Unicorns have started winning, and Vitality have started losing. Can this trend possibly continue? That’s the question we’ll be going in with, and we actually expect that Unicorns of Love might actually be able to pull something off this time around. They’ve got the confidence they need from a 2-0 week. All they need to do now is exploit Vitality’s inconsistencies and they’re golden.

Fnatic vs. G2 Esports (Day 1)

Prediction: G2 win

Odds: 1.87 (Fnatic) – 1.87 (G2) via ArcaneBet

This is a really tough match to call. However, it’s also the most exciting match of the week. We need to focus on how well Fnatic have been able to adapt so far. They’ve been excellent, and have even been successful in repelling the likes of Vitality. As far as the meta is concerned, Fnatic have it covered. G2 are also simply experimenting with the game, as we’ve seen from Jankos’ picks. However, we’ve seen a far stronger team comp from G2. Their coordination is a step ahead from Fnatic, which is why we think G2 will be taking this one.

Which team do you think is in a position to take over the stage this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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