2018 EU LCS Summer Week 1: Predictions, Betting Odds, Preview

It’s official, the 2018 EU LCS Summer Week 1 is here, and the league is absolutely broken. Or at least, that’s apparent from watching the LPL and LCK constantly. There’s no defined meta as of yet; pros and amateurs alike are going Vladimir ADC, and quite often, teams are ignoring ranged champions completely. The only ray of hope we got is Gen.G winning against Kingzone DragonX with a composition that we’d consider normal. However, the state of the game is in complete chaos, and only experimenting will show us what’s truly good with this meta.

On the bright side, the new meta means that all bets are off in the 2018 EU LCS Summer Week 1. Underdogs have a rare chance to flip over the status quo and put themselves up on top. Sure, winning the Worlds is a different story, any team will have a shot at gaining dominance in the region this summer.

What Can We Expect from the Underdogs This Summer?

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 1

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 1 – H2K could be one of the biggest surprises this summer – via Flickr

With the current turn of events, there’s a lot that the underdogs can pull off. Let’s have a look at each of them individually and see what they might be capable of this season:

Unicorns of Love

By far, the most underrated team from last year, the UOL have what it takes to get up this season. They’re known for doing things differently, and that could play strongly in their favor this time. They didn’t go through any roster changes in between the seasons. This could be the best decision they’ve made since they now have the right synergy to work out ad hoc strategies and play them out seamlessly.

They won’t have to waste any time into developing coordination. All they need is to find the right counters during the picks and bans phase. Other than that, we’ve got trust in the craziness they can bring to the rift. They’ve got what it takes to rise all the way up like they did last time and might even make it to Worlds. We’ll have to let time roll out and show us what UOL has got.


Another team that struggled during the Spring seasons due to being overwhelmed by the meta of that time along with getting outplayed on a macro level. H2K and UOL were generally the worst teams throughout the season.

This is where H2K can begin to look for a change because the new meta means they get a fresh start.

FC Schalke 04

The meta might be affecting every team, but this one has a different reason to climb. They’re the only team in the EU LCS to have undergone any major roster changes. Unlike UOL, the previous roster didn’t really have much synergy. The lacked leadership and shotcalling, although they showed a lot of determination and dedication. Now, with a brand new team, with the most notable addition of Amazing as their jungler, they might have what it takes.

They should be able to abuse the current meta against the heavier teams because the late game meta that we’re familiar with is no more. This means that even the best teams in the region have been brought down to their knees. Schalke, and all the underdogs of the region, have a free reign now. All that limits them is their team coordination skills and the ability to not choke on stage.

Fnatic Is the Main Loser of this Meta

As discussed previously, Fnatic is the only team that relied heavily on their botlane to carry them. Now that the botlane no longer exists, Fnatic are probably scrambling to figure out what their next move will be. Even so, Rekkles will be mainly useless as he’s shown to only perform well when he’s on a carry Marksman champion.

Of course, we can’t count them out completely just yet. Fnatic didn’t look too good at the start of last season and they managed to climb their way up. If nothing else, we should expect the 2018 EU LCS Summer Week 1 to go just as badly for them, if not worse.

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 1: Notable Matches

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 1

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 1 – Vitality are looking like one of the strongest teams out of the gate this season – via Flickr

We’ve handpicked the most exciting matches of the week for you. We’ll analyze which team is likely to win the matchup, and discuss which one you should bet on.

1. Vitality vs. Splyce (Day 1)

Odds: 2.28 (VIT) – 1.57 (SPLYCE)  via ArcaneBet

Vitality will have their first chance to redeem themselves with this match. Splyce went to the semi finals with them, and now they’ll be able to show whether they’ve improved at all since then. Splyce is by no means an easy team to deal with, which means this match should be intense and exciting. Right now, Vitality seems to be the stronger team. They’ve got a knack for taking opponents by surprise, and we think the current meta favors their aggressive, chaotic style of play.

2. UOL vs S04 (Day 1)

Odds: 2.22 (UOL) – 1.60 (S04) via ArcaneBet

Both underdogs will go against each other. S04 had a better performance than UOL in the previous season, which is embarrassing for UOL to say the very least. Right now, S04 have the upper hand due to their different roster. UOL won’t have the right idea as to how to deal with this new team, while S04 should be able to come up with the right strats to overcome their opponents.

3. FNC vs. MSF (Day 1)

Odds: 1.40(FNC) – 2.81 (MSF) via ArcaneBet

Misfits have the clear advantage in this matchup since we don’t think Fnatic will have adapted to the meta yet. Without the botlane focus on Fnatic’s part, Misfits should be able to sweep Fnatic quickly if they have the right picks and bans. Letting an Ezreal slip through would mean total defeat for Misfits, but we doubt that’ll happen.

4. MSF vs. UOL (Day 2)

Odds: 1.55 (MSF) – 2.31 (UOL) via GGbet 

Unicorns of Love were annihilated by Misfits last season. They didn’t even come close, which is cruelly ironic looking back at how MSF defeated UOL last year, stealing their chance at going to Worlds. This time, UOL has the opportunity to extract revenge, but we don’t see it happening. Misfits have clearly been the stronger team so far, and that trend should continue in the form of an easy win for Misfits.

What do you think of our analysis? Do you agree with us on how the meta will affect the following teams? Let us know in the comments below!

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