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2018 EU LCS Spring Split Week 2 Preview - Esportsranks
2018 EU LCS Spring Split Week 2 Preview

The first week of the 2018 EU LCS was far more exciting than we could have hoped for, but for reasons completely different to what the layman would expect. This year’s spring split is different because we’re seeing new faces in the scene who are performing spectacularly. On top of that, we’ve got seasoned, established teams who are failing to live up to their name as they’re struggling to adjust to the current environment.

All this points to a really hyped up season to come. Keep in mind that Patch 8.1 will be hitting the pro scene come Week 3, which means there should be another shift in power coming pretty soon.

Players to Watch out For


2018 EU LCS

Image via Twitter

This player absolutely surprised us last week, and instantly won the title of the Italian Stallion – not to mention the love of fans around the world. This is especially true during the first day, where he played at a Godlike 9/0 KDA.

It was partly due to him alone that Team Vitality have become the top team in Europe right now. We’re expecting him to carry further games in the future. Now that Vitality knows they have what it takes, they’re going to commit everything they must to stay on top.


2018 EU LCS

Image via Twitter

It’s easy to tell that Rekkles isn’t happy with his performance in the first week. They lost to H2K, arguably one of the weakest teams in the region right now. This is far from what he’s been practicing for weeks before the season started.

He spent almost 10 hours a day grinding it out in the Korean server, making Korean challengers look like NA players. He didn’t stream for fun like the rest of the pros were doing, nor did he even have a mic or facecam. Instead, he put all of his effort into improving for the upcoming season, with his eyes set firmly on Worlds 2018. Losing to H2K in the first week of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Season did nothing for his ambitions.

It’s likely that Frekkles and his team have formulated new strategies for the upcoming week, and we’re eager to see him carrying his team like he did in Worlds 2017.


We saw some great plays from Mikyx in the first week. Others, not so much. One can imagine the pressure on Mikyx right now with having to fill IgNar’s shoes. The new support for Misfits has his work set up for him, because Misfits aren’t going to let anyone cross them this season.

They earned global attention last year, when they went from the bottom of the 2018 EU LCS to almost making it to the Worlds 2017 semifinals. This made them the only western team to go this far. It’d be fair to say that we’ll be seeing some hardcore plays from this player in the upcoming matches.

Unicorns of Love – What’s Going On?

The Unicorns of Love were one of the most favorite teams to make it to Worlds last year. EU had placed a lot of hopes in them, and they lost their place by a small margin – to none other than MSF. This year, we’d expected them to have some vengeful strategies in mind. UOL have some of the most hyped up fans in the esport, and they would never have thought UOL would go 0-2 in their first week, placing them last on the entire list.

This team has suddenly found itself from a position of prestige in the previous year to the underdogs of the 2018 EU LCS. If they want to regain their former glory, they’re going to have to fight for it, because every team is out for blood right now. We are predicting, however, that they’ll make the cut this week and pull themselves up from being the worst team.

It’s not like the Unicorns of Love lost to the top teams like G2 or Fnatic. They lost to Giants and Splyce, who despite not being overall bad teams, aren’t the best in the region either. This team they’re going up against even easier opponents. It seems that fate has given UOL a good chance to pull it back together.

The Unicorns should go 2-0 this week, which definitely isn’t to get them to where they’re expected to be, but is still better than where they are now. If they lose a single match against ROCCAT or S04, we won’t be expecting much else from them – at least while this season lasts.

Heavy Favorites for Week 2 of 2018 EU LCS

Choosing more than three teams to be the heavy favorites pretty much covers half the teams available. That’s not fair at all to our readers, which is why we’re going with Top 2 teams which we think will dominate the 2018 EU LCS this week. Quote us if we’re wrong and take screenshots to hold us accountable!


As stated above, we think Fnatic aren’t happy with their performance last week. They’ll want to solidify their position as a top – if not THE top – team in the EU LCS. They’ll do whatever necessary to achieve those ends, and that means we have some real action to look forward to this weekend.

Rekkles isn’t the only one whose ambitions are thirsting for more success. Caps’ desire to win is infused with Fnatic’s outlook on week 2 as well. It’s just as well that they’ll be fighting against two of the best teams in the region this week. We’ll know where they stand once this week is over.


After seeing this team’s plays, we’re hoping that this team will continue this trend. It’s good to see a new face up there among the top teams in the region. They’ve earned their place at the top of the ladder for now, but the other top teams will surely fight with blood and tears to take that spot.

We’re expecting this team to keep surprising us and stay as one of the top teams, but they’ll have to work hard for that to happen.

Matches to Look Forward to

There are 3 matches which will shed some light onto which teams are ahead of the 2018 EU LCS right now. After they’re done, it’ll be clear who’s dominant and who got on top by chance. Right now, most of the teams are going even in terms of their score, but that’s about to change.

1. Vitality vs. Fnatic [Friday 26/01 21:00 CET]

If we were to take sides, we’d go with the underrated Vitality here. Just to see how far this team can go and how much hype it can create. Realistically, however, we’d expect Fnatic to win. This victory might not be outright, however. Fnatic might have to struggle before they walk off the stage during this one.

2. Vitality vs. Misfits [Saturday 27/01 19:00 CET]

This match is going to be full of action – mark our words. Misfits have had a week of uncertainty and didn’t perform in the powerful style that the audience wanted. They’re going to be looking to change that. Right now, we’re expecting Vitality to lose again. We’re still hoping that Vitality will pull through and end up on top, though.

3. Fnatic vs. G2 [Saturday 27/01 21:00 CET]

Ever since Worlds, G2’s performance has seriously diminished. If they keep that up, they’re going to lose to Fnatic. They’re going to have to step up their game by a huge margin if they want to keep up with Misfits and Fnatic.

This game is G2’s chance to show us if they’re up to the task – their fans best hope that they are. This season has been extremely unforgiving for every team in every region right off the bat. We’re expecting G2 to show us some improved gameplay in this match. However, when it comes to the win, we think Fnatic will be the ones taking it.

What’s your take on week 2 of the 2018 EU LCS? Which teams do you think will come out on top at the end of the week?

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