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2018 EU LCS Spring Split Week 2 Day 2 Recap - Esportsranks
2018 EU LCS Spring Split Week 2 Day 2 Recap

Week 2 of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split has finally ended! Even in this early stage, it’s clear that the region has seen some major power swaps between the teams. Unicorns of Love is pretty much a there for the good looks, and previously underrated teams (Vitality, anyone?) have taken to the skies.

For anyone who missed out on the action yesterday, here’s a quick recap on what happened:

Giants vs. H2K

We called this one before it happened, and anyone could have seen it coming from a mile away. H2K simply hasn’t been performing at all so far in the 2018 EU Spring Split. Fans shouldn’t have a fit of depression, though. There are seven weeks left for this team to improve and shape up.

This game actually started off with a first blood for H2K, and even picked up Giants members across the map. During this time, Giants made sure they were well farmed, and eventually turned around the game with some great teamfights. Giants took a timely Baron and fought all the way to H2K’s Nexus.

Djoko played extremely well during this match, and along with Betsy, he was greatly responsible for the win.

ROCCAT vs. Unicorns of Love

The Unicorns of Love have been a huge disappointment this year. During last year’s Summer season, the were perhaps the most hyped up team in the region. The almost became the first seed for the EU LCS for Worlds 2017 when G2 defeated them. It seems almost impossible that a team of their stature could fall this far.

Norskeren was the unsung hero of this match due to how much damage he blocked. Even though UOL had a slightly better early game, they were unable to turn it into anything meaningful as ROCCAT had a better composition to work with. UOL were unable to get to ROCCAT’s backline, and Blanc was able to dish out immense damage on his Azir form a safe distance. UOL were unable to deal with this, and were unable to keep the game going for a little more than 20 minutes.

Misfits vs. Vitality

We wanted Vitality to win so much in the match. By no means are we against Misfits making their way up this 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, but Vitality has left such an impression on the LoL community, it’s difficult not to support them. Misfits did pull through, however.

Vitality might have won this game if not for Maxlore and his impressive plays. He didn’t let Vitality rest for even a second. Jiizuke displayed the moves that we’ve come to expect from him. He even got a solo kill in the mid lane. That all amounted to nothing as Misfits figured out how to work around his Zoe, and ended up taking winning multiple teamfights which resulted in a win for the Misfits.

Schalke 04 vs. Splyce

Despite losing, Schalke has impressed us by how far it has come. This team is a completely new lineup, and by rights should have been where Unicorns of Love are right now. The fact that they’re tied with Fnatic in terms of wins and losses so far this 2018 EU LCS Spring Split goes to show a lot that they are not to be underestimated. So far, this team is a big win for Kreppo, who came out of the blue to coach for the team.

Azir seems to fail against Veigar during this patch, since his Event Horizon renders Azir’s entire kit useless. Splyce did exactly this against Nukeducks Azir. The match wasn’t one-sided though. S04 actually put up a good fight, taking Baron and pushing in the top lane till Splyce’s inhibitor. That wasn’t enough, however. Splyce assumed control over the map after taking a drake from S04, and from that point onwards pushed S04 in. After a pentakill for Kobbe on his Caitlyn, Splyce quickly took S04’s Nexus.

Fnatic vs. G2 Esports

This is another match up the winner of which we had called beforehand. Fnatic may not be the most consistent team of EU right now, but they’re definitely looking much better than G2. They have a better line up, and they’ve managed to score wins at this point.

It seems to be a general trend to see Zoe’s losing these days. She may do huge amounts of burst damage, but Perkz wasn’t able to make it work. Every time Broxah one-shot her, she was unable to do much else. On the other hand, Caps was a much more reliable sournce of damage for Fnatic. As the game went on, Fnatic started snowballing. sOAZ kept getting bigger on his Cho’Gath, and ultimately, Fnatic were unstoppable.

Which match to cap off week 2 of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split was your favourite? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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