2018 EU LCS Spring Split Week 2 Day 1 Betting Predictions

The 2018 EU LCS Spring Split has been anything but predictable during the first week. In fact, the same can be said for pretty much every LCS region right now. The LCK have SKT being pummeled to the ground, and TSM got thrashed in NA LCS (but some people might categorize that as the norm).

We’ve got a lot to reflect on from week 1, and we’ll use that to see which teams will have the upper hand during this week. Regardless of who wins or loses, though, it’s clear that this season is much different from last year. We’re hopeful that EU will have an easier time adjusting to the Worlds stage, especially after their experience last year.

Here is our take on which teams will take out their opponent’s Nexi (plural for Nexus), and which team will go home empty handed in week 2 of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split.

Giants vs. G2 Esports [Friday 26/01 18:00 CET]

G@ 2018 EU LCS Spring

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This one should be an easy win for G2 Esports, and if we had the money to spare, we’d put it on this team. Yes, they’ve let us down somewhat during the first week. They lost a match to ROCCAT; a team considered well below their level.

That doesn’t mean that G2 is planning on continuing this trend. If anything, they’ll be out for blood, and Giants will be the poor team to serve as target practice. It can almost go without saying that G2 will have the upper hand during this match.

Misfits vs. H2K [Friday 26/01 20:00 CET]

Misfits 2018 EU LCS Spring

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This match is slightly more difficult to decipher. H2K surprised us last week with their victory against Fnatic. There’s no telling if they’re going to keep the flow coming. However, one thing is for certain, and that’s that Misfits aren’t a team to mess around with. If H2K are going to win, they’ll need to snowball fast and hard.

Realistically speaking, the easy winners seem to be Misfits. We’ll give them an 80% chance of taking this one home.

Vitality vs. Fnatic [Friday 26/01 19:00 CET]

Vitality 2018 EU LCS Spring

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Team Vitality played in a legendary manner last week. However, their performance wasn’t impeccable. They made quite a few mistakes that can be pointed out, especially during their match win the Giants.

On the other hand, Fnatic have a track record for performing well. The memes would love it if Vitality could win this match, but logic would suggest that this game belongs to Fnatic.

S04 vs. Unicorns of Love [Friday 26/01 21:00 CET]

UOL 2018 EU LCS Spring

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The final match of the week will be between S04 and UOL – the most underrated teams this year. Unlike S04, UOL has a lot of high expectations right now. But will they live up to them? We’ll have to say yes. At the very least we’re expecting them to win against S04 this week. It might be a long, drawn out battle, but UOL are our favorite to win this duel.

If Vitality can somehow manage to stay on top during the second week, the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split will suddenly become much more dramatic – and deserving of attention – than it is now. That’s why we’re hoping for them to take it all this week, even though it’s not highly likely.

Which teams are you rooting for during these match ups? If you think that other teams should have received more coverage, let us know and we’ll shed more light on them in the next article!

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