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2018 EU LCS Spring Split Week 2 Day 1 Recap - Esportsranks
2018 EU LCS Spring Split Week 2 Day 1 Recap

Besides the match between Misfits and H2K, nothing went according to plan in Day 1 of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split. Pretty much every underrated team came out on top and surprised the daylights out of us. Even S04, the team from which we were expecting absolutely nothing this split, is performing better than the most hyped up team – Fnatic. If things continue like this, the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split will continue to become increasingly skewed.

It’s getting almost impossible to determine which teams are just getting lucky and which teams are worth the hype. What’s more, the teams we had put so much faith in are letting us down one by one.

The only heavy weight team that has held its ground this far is Misfits, and even they aren’t the best team in the region yet. They’re tied with ROCCAT, Giants and S04, which shouldn’t be something to smile about for a team of their level.

Let’s get into what happened in Day 1 of Week 2 of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, and how it brought us to where we are right now:

Giants vs. G2 [Giants Win]

No one – not even us – could have seen this one coming. Giants beat G2, and it wasn’t even close! Anyone watching the drafting phase would have guessed that G2 would have an easy time winning this.

In no way did the Giants outpick them. The only thing to worry about was the Veigar mid from Giants against G2’s Azir. However, we’ve seen Azirs play well against Veigars this season.

The game started off in the favor of G2. They pulled a pretty good teamfight around the 8-minute mark and managed to claim a few kills. The downside was the Betsy got one as well. As the game proceeded, G2 forced more teamfights, but the result was Betsy getting an increasing number of kills on his Veigar.

As Betsy continued to land his Event Horizons, G2 kept falling. Even Ruin played immaculately on his Gnar, which was more than G2 could take. The lead kept growing and soon G2 lost their Nexus.

Result: Giants Win 16/7 at 40 mins with a 6K gold lead.

Splyce vs. ROCCAT [ROCCAT Win]

Splyce and ROCCAT started off with meta compliant picks, so we naturally assumed that Splyce would take the hold. And it did, for the first 20 minutes of the game. However, at the 20-minute mark, ROCCAT had a tremendous teamfight victory which landed them 4 kills. This trend continued in the favor of ROCCAT. A teamfight ensued right after ROCCAT took Baron, which also went in their favor.

From there onwards, the game was back and forth, but the gold lead was sharply inclined towards ROCCAT. Right around the 40-minute mark, ROCCAT stormed Splyce’s base and took it apart.

Result: ROCCAT Win 13/7 at 44 mins with a 17K gold lead.

Misfits vs. H2K [Misfits Win]

H2K are probably the only underrated team which didn’t have the audience’s jaws dropping. The lost, just was we thought they would. H2K left Zoe open for Sencux to abuse, and abuse her he did.
This was the most linear game of the season yet. H2K had a botched teamfight around the 30-minute mark, which resulted in a complete ace for MSF. 2 minutes after that, MSF simply went ahead and took H2K’s base.

Result: Misfits Win 7/0 at 31 mins with an 11K gold lead.

Fnatic vs. Vitality [Vitality Win]

This game was the most exciting one to watch, hands down. Fnatic were brought down to their knees, and Jiizuke had a large part in bringing them there. Fnatic made the mistake of letting Jiizuke play on Ryze, and we’re pretty sure they won’t be making that mistake again.

The early game was going in the favor on Vitality regardless, but a massive 1v2 outplay by Jiizuke against sOAZ and Caps pretty much destroyed any hopes of Fnatic winning.

The game would have ended in a linear fashion if not for a last-minute Baron steal by Broxah. Even that wasn’t enough to fend off the unstoppable Team Vitality as they kept outplaying Fnatic and taking them apart piece by piece. The game ended in the most spectacular way as Vitality made a backdoor attack on Fnatic’s Nexus as they were desperately trying to take the Elder drake.

Result: Vitality Win 12/5 at 40 mins with a 6K gold lead.

UOL vs. S04 [S04 Win]

Nukeduck received the MVP for this game, and for good reason. His perfectly timed ults on his Malzahar were half the reason that his team won at all. UOL tried their best during this game to play aggressively. They made impressive plays during the mid game when they won a teamfight. That simply wasn’t enough, however.

Vizicsacsi was in full control of the game throughout, and was exactly what his team needed. They won numerous teamfights, and were too much for the Unicorns of Love to handle.

Result: Schalke Win 10/4 at 35 mins with a 10K gold lead.

These games will have serious implications for the ones that will take place today. They’ve not only disappointed the fans of those high-ranking teams but have also made the public lose their confidence in them. Fnatic and G2 Esports, two of the most celebrated teams in the entire region, seem to have an uphill battle awaiting them.

The upcoming weeks will hold plenty of upsets and showdowns. Here’s to hoping that each one of them has us sitting at the edge of our seats just as the matches in today’s 2018 EU LCS Spring Split did.

Which team are you supporting in the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, and which match was your favorite to watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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