Fnatic Steamroll Vitality in 2018 EU LCS Spring Semifinals

We almost predicted the entire weekend of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Semifinals with complete accuracy until Fnatic jumped in and ruined it all.

Regardless of that, however, Fnatic have shown that they’re really heavy contenders for the season’s cup. Even though they were missing sOAZ, their top laner, they still pulled through the semifinals like it was child’s play for them.

sOAZ was unable to join them in the finals due to a hand injury, and was replaced by Bwipo.

It seems like they won’t be needing sOAZ at all for the next match, because Bwipo did just fine at the 2018 EU LCS Spring Semifinals against Vitality. In fact, there was next to nothing that Vitality could have done to counter Fnatic. Supposedly, Fnatic’s win condition was to somehow make it to the late game. That’s when their gameplay is strongest, partly due to Rekkles being able to carry by that point.

On the other hand, Vitality have generally had a very strong early game. However, this time around, Fnatic were the ones who were in control for most of the early games. There was only one game in which Vitality got the better of Fnatic. Mostly, it was Fnatic who were in absolute control of the games.

Vitality Kept Banning ADCs

This was in part due to the way Vitality were going about their draft phase. They kept letting Caps draft a Swain, which proved to be a really strong pick in game. Vitality were having a hard time coutering that pick, and no matter how many times Jiizuke picked a Taliyah into him, there was no counterplay to be had.

In the meanwhile, all of Vitality’s ban phase seemed fixated on Rekkles, who seemed to be their main target. They banned out ADC’s extensively, especially during the last game in which each of their bans was a late game ADC. Despite all this, Rekkles didn’t have any problems keeping up with his opponents. These bans did keep a lot of champions open for Fnatic, however, which meant that Vitality were at a constant disadvantage during the games.

The only redeeming factor that Vitality had was their team coordination, which did shine every now and then. That wasn’t enough, of course. We’ve already witnessed how Fnatic had a much superior roster. While Jiizuke claimed the title of Rookie of the Split, he couldn’t take his legacy for this year any further.


For a team that came out of nowhere and was filled with rookies, Vitality has come much farther than anyone could have predicted or anticipated. After their strong showing at the 2018 EU LCS Spring Semifinals, they now have all the fan support and hype they will never need.

The next step is to look forward to the next season and get ready to represent Europe at the Worlds 2018 stage. 

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