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2018 EU LCS Spring Season Week 3 – How Far Will Vitality Go? - Esportsranks
2018 EU LCS Spring Season Week 3 – How Far Will Vitality Go?

The third week of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Season is almost upon us, and Team Vitality has gone as far as we needed it to. Sure, it didn’t achieve a 4-0 score like some teams in NA, but it’s still on top. Vitality is still on par with the best teams in the region, and more importantly, they played excellently during the second week.

Their entire team has now received a major confidence boost, and somewhat deserved inflated egos. Not only did they win, they did it spectacularly; they pretty much humiliated Fnatic when Jiizuke successfully won a 2v1 fight against Caps and sOAZ.

We have a new question for the team in Week 3of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Season: how far can this team of upstarts go? Can the keep their heads high throughout the season like they have till now? The rest of the teams, aka Fnatic, Misfits and G2, aren’t slowing down. Except for Misfits, none of the big teams from last year are making their mark. However, the season has barely started. There’s no telling if they’ll make a major comeback or not.

One thing’s for certain – these teams have definitely not forgotten their glory of last year. Despite the losses, all the teams, including Unicorns of Love, are aiming high. That raises the bar for Vitality. If the teams are tryharding right at the beginning of the season, no one is about to catch a break.

Vitality’s Dominance – Not a Mistake

2018 EU LCS Spring

Vitality Minitroupax after winning big in Week 2 via lolesports Flickr

Team Vitality knows this, and they’ve started preparing for this onslaught right as the second week ended. In fact, one could argue that they knew what they were up against from the very start. It’s highly unlikely that they just happened to stumble upon the top of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Season ladder. Clearly, they put work into it – and now the work is paying off.

We believe that Vitality has yet to show what it’s truly capable of. Alongside Misfits, they’re the most dominant team of the region right now, and it looks like their reign has just begun.

Biggest Threats to Vitality


We don’t know what this team is capable of. That’s it’s secret weapon. Coming into the season, we were expecting it to be right at the bottom of the ladder. It has made its way to the top. Like any other team, they probably have plans on reaching even higher.

What we do know about this team is that they’ve beaten G2 Esports and Unicorns of Love. The deciding factor on whether these victories were commendable is whether they won because they were good, or because those two teams were just bad. The chances weigh heavily on the former, though. This team could give Vitality some trouble if they’re not careful.


Arguably the best team playing in the 2018 EU LCS Spring Season right now, Misfits are the sole serious contenders when it comes to rivaling Vitality. They’re also the only team in the region to have beaten Vitality in a match so far.

They may have lost IgNar and PowerOfEvil this year, but they look like they’re coping just fine without them. In fact, they might just outdo their own performance from last year if the general winning trend stays the same.

G2 Esports

There’s no point in pretending that G2 are in a miserable spot right now. It’s quite admirable that the first seed of the EU LCS from last year ended up so low on the ladder.

What G2 have shown us, unlike the UOL, is that they have the potential to win. With that being said, we think they’ll be making a comeback fairly soon. They still have the players, and only need to adjust to the new meta and playstyles.

What About Unicorns of Love?

If you’re highly disappointed by UOL’s performance during the 2018 EU LCS Spring Season so far, you’re not alone – we’re right besides you, along with every other fan of UOL in the world. They did so well last year, it’s impossible to believe the state their in. It feels like the team is different – which it is due to the roster changes.

However, almost every team went through roster changes of some kind. UOL in particular has been suffering extremely during this season. They were in high spirits before the beginning of last week but are now in a different mood from what we can see.

It’s still hard to believe that this team is gone for good. It’s still within the realm of possibilities that this team will get back up again once more and take the region by storm just like they did last year. Our hopes may be down, but our expectations aren’t – and that’s all that should matter for this team. It’s still considered as a top-level team despite its abysmal performance. All it needs to do is improve the performance and get the crowd roaring again.

Must-Watch Matches

Here are the matches that you should keep an eye on. We feel like they’ll hold some real hype and are worth watching while cheering over (unless you’re at work or school. Then you should watch quietly).

UOL vs. H2K

This will be the first match of the first day. UOL is playing against H2K. This match is a must watch, because if UOL ever had a chance to come back from a dismal situation, it’s this match. There’s no chance in hell that they’ll be losing this one. If they somehow manage to lose to H2K, then they’ll probably lose half their fanbase, if not more.

We’re placing all our hopes into UOL once and for all. It’s do or die for them now – and we think they’ll pull through this time around.

Fnatic vs. Misfits

Again, taking place during the first day of the week is this clash of the European titans. These teams have some old bad blood, ever since Misfits outshone Fnatic on the Worlds stage last year. It’s to be expected that they’ll give this match everything they’ve got.

This match is another crucial one that’ll decide which team owns the region, and which team will bide their time in the sidelines for now.


The new patch will be hitting the pro scene pretty soon, and that means players will have to come up with whole new strats. Once Ryze is no longer able to Ult while under statis, he’ll be much less viable. This is one of the many changes that’ll be affecting pro play in general, not just those playing in the 2018 EU LCS Spring Season. The upcoming change should give teams a chance to reset and salvage their season.

Having said that, we are confident that we’ll see some spectacular scenes to watch this week.

What are you looking forward to the most in Week 3 of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Season? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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