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2018 EU LCS Regionals Recap: G2 to Worlds 2018 - Esportsranks
2018 EU LCS Regionals Recap: G2 to Worlds 2018

The 2018 EU LCS Regionals is now finally over, and it was interesting, to say the least.

For starters, everything went slightly differently from our expectations. The matches were not as exciting as expected, and was rather underwhelming to be honest. But, even so, one thing is for sure, regardless of who won and what we think, we know for sure that both teams played to the absolute best of their abilities.

Wunder and Jankos Improved a Lot

2018 EU LCS Regionals

Jankos has really outdone himself with his performance during the 2018 EU LCS Regionals. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

That’s something we didn’t expect to happen in such a small period of time. This change occurred literally right before our very eyes when Jankos started showing improvements in his gank pressures and mechanical prowess.

It was during the third game against Splyce that Jankos really started to get into it. We’re not really sure as to how G2 Esports managed it, but it really paid off during the 2018 EU LCS Regionals.

In addition to this, G2’s botlane started showing some huge improvements. While Hjarnan didn’t play anything intensive, it was still good to see him outputting damage on a champion other than Jhin. Ironically, Perkz was less than what we’d seen him in the match against Splyce. That didn’t seem to matter much because G2 had the whole match under control.

Schalke Played As Best As They Could

2018 EU LCS Regionals

Schalke 04 played well, but their story comes to an end here – for this year. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

We can’t really put much blame on this team for the loss. True, their miracle split was brought to a cruel halt, but they still went much, much further than anyone would have believed to be possible. That alone is a victory for them, and we’re excited to see what they’ll be capable of next year.

Nukeduck kept up his ever-increasing list of picks … in fact, we’ve lost count of how many unique champions he’s played during this split. Amazing and the rest of the team dealt the right teamfights, and could have won the match had things gone slightly differently. The only teammate that could have played somewhat better is Upset, who didn’t seem to be on his carry form as per usual.

Hjarnan didn’t really solo carry the game, but he certainly had a great impact on the match. His Ashe arrows, in particular, were huge tools in tilting entire teamfights towards his team’s favor. Of course, the potential reasoning behind this is definitely G2 banning out Kai’sa repeatedly to make sure Schalke had little chance of walking away from the 2018 EU LCS Regionals with the win.

Schalke might have been a great addition to the EU LCS teams representing the region in Worlds due to them being a new team. It’d be great for the region to have this team undergo some international experience so they could enrich the regional games. However, the way things turned out isn’t all that bad either. We’ll just have to wait and see if G2 will be able to put their mark on Worlds this year.

What do you think about G2 Esports winning the 2018 EU LCS Regionals? Do you think they’ve got a better chance at performing well during Worlds? Or do you think Schalke could have outclassed them with their playstyle? Let us know in the comments below!

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