Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 CS:GO Asia Championships

Romanian esports even producer PGL in a collaboration with Perfect World is happy to officially announce the 2018 CS:GO Asia Championships, the first of its kind.

The 2018 CS:GO Asia Championships will feature 5 of the top teams from Europe and 3 more from Asia. Although the prize pool is $300,000, PGL and Perfect could not get all of the best teams because the majority of them are playing at ESL One Belo Horizonte.

Even so, the 2018 CS:GO Asia Championships remain a must-watch.

2018 CS:GO Asia Championships: Quick Details

— Start Date: 2018.06.14
— End Date: 2018.06.18
— Location: Shanghai
— Venue: Yuanshen Gymnasium
— Organizer: Perceft World, PGL
— Type: Offline, LAN
— Number of Teams: 8
— Total prize pool: $300,000 USD

2018 CS:GO Asia Championships: Tournament Format

The eight participants will be divided into two double-elimination format groups. The tournament starts with a group stage with 4 teams in each group (June 14th – 15th, 2018).

All matches are Bo3.

Group A Group B
2018 CS:GO Asia Championships


2018 CS:GO Asia Championships


2018 CS:GO Asia Championships

Natus Vincere

2018 CS:GO Asia Championships


2018 CS:GO Asia Championships


2018 CS:GO Asia Championships


2018 CS:GO Asia Championships


2018 CS:GO Asia Championships



After completing group stage, top teams advance to the single-elimination bracket playoffs, the top team from each group advances to the Semifinals while 2nd & 3rd teams from each group go to the Quarterfinals.   (June 17th – 18th, 2018).

All matches are Bo3

2018 CS:GO Asia Championships

2018 CS:GO Asia Championships: Prediction & Odds

2018 CS:GO Asia Championships

On the picture above you can see 4 opening matches and odds provided by GG.bet.

There is not so much to analyze in the first round of this tournament. Things are pretty clear for now and the odds are just too low. Na’Vi would most definitely triumph over EnVyUs and they would probably end up winning this tournament. NiP should not have a problem defeating VG.Flash, same goes for Heroic against MVP PK. The last match is the most dangerous one to bet, odds are good on TyLoo but Virtus.pro is a very experienced team and have been known to pull off a surprise or two. If you’re not sure, skip betting on this match, but if you’re feeling brave, Virtus.Pro aren’t half-bad and could easily give TyLoo a good run for their money.

CS:GO Asia Championships 2018: To Win Outright

We strongly believe that Na’Vi would be the champions of this tournament. So our tip here is Natus Vincere to win outright at 1.75 odds via GG.bet

Natus Vincere

Rank: 2
Matches: 1147
Won: 664 Draw: 13 Lost: 470
Win ratio: 59%
Opponent avg. rank: 27.09

Natus Vincere won 4 out of 5 last matches.

Na’Vi is the best team at the 2018 CS:GO Asia Championships and is currently one of the best CS:GO teams in the world. S1mple was absolutely phenomenal when they won their last tournament, StarSeries i-League Season 5, and was also named the tournament MVP.

Having said that, the 2018 CS:GO Asia Championships is Natus Vincere’s to lose. They’re doing great, especially at the CT side. They are well aware of their tendencies, they communicate well and cover every angle they possibly can. They’re also unafraid to commit to an early fight, giving them the opportunity to save utility for later in the round. This allows them to dictate the tempo and force enemies to rush through smokes and molotovs in an attempt to play the bomb in the last seconds of the round.

With a gameplay like that, proper economy management and current form they should be able to win this tournament without any loss. Nevertheless, it would be wise to bet on Na’Vi in every single match and combine that bet with anything you wanted to play so you would get greater odds.

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