2017 EU LCS Spring Finals recap – G2 eSports are victorious

Hamburg, Germany is where the magic happened for G2 eSports as they secured their third consecutive split title by defeating Unicorns of Love 3-1 in the 2017 EU LCS Spring Finals.

2017 EU LCS Spring Finals – Game one

It was the battle of the minds in Game one. As it was a tense final series, both teams had to adopt a very cautious approach to the game with the lack of 5 v 5 engagements between the two sides. But, G2 secured the early game as the jungler Kim “Trick” Gang-yun got his three kills in the early game.

The game really opened up when UoL made an effort to take down Baron. G2 took advantage of some sloppy play of the opposition and punished them by not only taking two kills without a loss but also taking the Baron. This paved the way to a 47-minute victory for G2 in the first game in the 2017 EU LCS spring finals.

Game two

The Baron also took the spotlight in the Game 2 of the series. This matchup had much more action as compared to the first match. G2 got three kills out of a team fight at the 20-minute mark next to Baron’s pit and got the much valuable Buffs. G2 yet again overpowered the opposition with some fantastic plays and finished the Game 2 before the 31-minute mark.

Game three

There was a comeback by the side of UoL in the Game 3 of the Grand Finals. Although the team gave up some kills at the start, they dominated the map tactically and took advantage in pulling gold and taking objectives. Baron made headlines yet again as the UoL killed off the opposition’s support and took the Baron. They were not done yet and further pushed to take down an inhibitor and before the 40-minute mark took game three.

Game four

In Game four, G2 showed why the side lost only one series in the regular season and showed very synonymous playing style as they showed in the first two games. All the action was again next to Baron’s Pit where they took down the entire side of UoL in a team fight.

G2 showed why they are the defending champions as they capitalized on the opposition’s mistake in game four and won the 2017 EU LCS Spring title.

On the other side of the pond, TSM took the title in the 2017 NA LCS spring split.