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LoL Weekly: 11 New Teams Qualify For 2017 World Championship! - Esportsranks
LoL Weekly: 11 New Teams Qualify For 2017 World Championship!

New 2017 World Championship Arrivals

Most of the regional playoffs have entered into their last stride this week. A total of 11 new teams have secured their spots at the LoL 2017 World Championship in China. In case you’ve missed a few, here’s a complete list of teams that qualified this week:

Play-in Stage

Hong Kong Attitude has successfully toured through the 2017 LMS Regional Qualifiers, beating J Team 3-1 and sweeping Raise Gaming in 2 Bo5 gauntlet series. This team participated in the GPL during 2013 and 2014, but then it got disbanded.

This year, Hong Kong Esports renamed themselves to Hong Kong Attitude and qualified for Worlds for the first time in this team’s history.

LoL 2017 World Championship Hong Kong Attitude

Twitter @lolesports

Rampage rampaged through LJL (Japan) Summer Playoffs and qualified for worlds for the first time in team’s long history. They finished 2nd in the regular season, but were successful in Bo5 playoffs, beating 7th heaven and Detonation Gaming in the process.

LoL 2017 World Championship Rampage

Twitter @lolesports

Young Generation qualified as a #2 GPL seed. This newly formed Vietnam team finished first in the regular season as well, and defeated Thailand veterans Ascension Gaming. GPL will have 2 Worlds seeds this year, thanks to another Vietnam team GIGABYTE Marines‘ success at 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.

LoL 2017 World Championship Gigabyte Marines

Twitter @lolesports

Unfortunately, the controversial decision to  give Vietnam 2 GPL slots about a month ago unfolded exactly like it was expected. Both Vietnam GPL seeds qualified for 2017 World Championship. Vietnam is on another level folks, work harder and catch up!

LoL 2017 World Championship Young Generation

Twitter @lolesports

Lyon Gaming, a team from Mexico with a rich history dating back to 2013, became LLN (Latin America North) champs again. They finished first in the group stage, and roared through the playoffs, defeating Predators eSports 3-1 and sweeping Infinity eSports in the finals.

LoL 2017 World Championship Lyon Gaming

Twitter @lolesports

These 4 teams joined 1907 Fenerbahce (Turkey) and Kaos Latin Gamers (Latin America South) in the Play-in stage, populating 6 of 12 allocated slots.

The remaining slots will be populated by #3 seeds from EU, NA and LPL (China), as well as three remaining “wildcard” regions – CBLoL (Brazil), OPL (Oceania) and LCL (Russia/CIS) winners.

The LPL and wildcard regions’ playoffs finals will take place on September 2nd and 3rd, while EU & NA LCS Regionals will end a week later, on September 10th.

Group Stage

LoL 2017 World Championship Longzhu Gaming

Twitter @lolesports

LCK Finals ended with a definite confirmation that there’s another legitimate Korean super-team to watch out for. At least it’s super this year. Longzhu Gaming defeated the most successful LoL team SKT T1 with a convincing 3-1 score.

SKT T1 came into the finals with a guaranteed worlds seed in mind, regardless of the outcome, so maybe they weren’t on their usual working temperature that day.

On the other side, Longzhu Gaming had every reason to play for their dear life. Finishing second meant they would have to play one more series in the gauntlet, due to low amount of championship points.

LCK #3 seed will be known on September 2nd, when kt Rolster will meet the winner of Round 2, Samsung Galaxy vs. Afreeca Freecs.

LoL 2017 World Championship Edward Gaming

Twitter @lolesports

2 LPL Group Stage seeds qualified this week as well. Royal Never Give Up and Edward Gaming went the distance against Invictus Gaming and Team WE, advancing to the finals.

Both teams have enough championship points to not care about the outcome of the finals. The only things at stake are pride, honour and undisputed bragging rights.

LoL 2017 World Championship Royal Never Give Up

Twitter @lolesports

LCS yielded 3 more Group Stage seeds this week too. Immortals defeated CLG in the NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals, while G2 Esports and Misfits Gaming overpowered Fnatic and H2K in EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals.

More on that further down below.

LCS Playoffs Summary

Play of the Week

NO REXPEKE! Perkz Cassiopeia is on another level!


We have already written about it yesterday, but again, very few expected Misfits to defeat Fnatic, let alone sweep them so dominantly and convincingly. The “old Kings of Europe” will have to fight their way through the gauntlet.

Misfits, on the other hand, have a legitimate shot at the title against G2 Esports. Nobody can dismiss them any more – back to back victories against UOL and Fnatic is enough reason to give them all respect they deserve. Yes, they’ve looked “ordinary” in the group stage, but Bo5 playoffs are a totally different thing. After all, they played drastically better this year compared to almost being relegated in 2016.

LoL 2017 World Championship Misfits

Twitter @lolesports

G2 Esports are the masters of Bo5. However, the champions had a dismal start of the summer split, and even worse showing at Rift Rivals. However, they regained most of their shine back in the second half of the summer split, gradually improving over the period of 5 weeks.

Now, they’ll be facing Misfits Gaming in the finals. If someone told me these 2 will fight for the title 2 weeks ago, I would laugh in their face. Now it all feels almost surreal.

H2K and Fnatic will battle it out for the third spot. Fnatic should be able to take this, as H2K is notorious for losing against top-tier teams. Nevertheless, things might get ugly really quickly. Expect both teams to fight as hard as possible – neither wants to finish 4th, trust me on that!

LoL 2017 World Championship G2 Esports

Twitter @lolesports

ROCCAT’s jungler Milo “Pridestalker” Wehnes was given a Rookie of the Split award. There wasn’t much competition, so he really stood out, especially by having a notable role in ROCCAT’s wins over Fnatic and G2 Esports.


The situation over at NA LCS is heated up as well. In the semifinals, Immortals swept away CLG’s hopes for the title, while TSM needed one extra game to smash through Dignitas.

Realistically, Immortals and TSM were the biggest favourites for the finals, based on their regular season performances. It will be one hell of a fight – don’t be surprised if it goes the distance!

LoL 2017 World Championship Immortals

Twitter @lolesports

Meanwhile, Dignitas and CLG will fight for third place the day before. Dignitas really showed a marked improvement this year, them finishing 3rd is definitely within the realm of possibility. CLG is no joke though. Both teams are looking to make a statement. Expect lots of fireworks!

Mike “MikeYeung” Yeung is NA LCS Rookie of the Split! This year’s rookie awards seem to be reserved for young junglers. MikeYeung was instrumental in Phoenix1’s short-lived resurgence during Rift Rivals, with 2 back-to-back wins over UOL and G2 Esports.

Asian Triangle

The Asian tigers gave us some fun games this week too. Obviously, LCK always delivers, but this week, we were served a real treat!


Despite the 2 week hiatus, Longzhu Gaming looked marvellous against SKT T1 in the finals. Defeating the world champs 3-1 is no small task.

Of course, SKT T1 have already qualified for 2017 World Championship, so they didn’t have as big of an incentive to win the finals as Longzhu Gaming. Still, the damn title was on the line, and we all know how beastly SKT T1 are in a Bo5 format.

Hats off to Longzhu Gaming, the new Korean champions!


These Chinese players don’t waste time. LPL playoffs were all crammed in a tight schedule right after the group stage. This allowed teams very little time to rest and prepare for the knockout phase.

In the end, out of the 4 semifinalists, only Invictus Gaming looked slightly out of place, based on their spring split immediate playoffs elimination in Round 1.

Nevertheless, they placed 3rd in the group stage, and then they defeated spring split champs Team WE in the third place series. They’ll likely have to go against them once again in the Regional Qualifiers. The gauntlet will be packed with absolute monsters, so they might regret the semifinals loss in the end.

Unlike LCK finals, the two LPL finalists, Edward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up, have both qualified for 2017 World Championship already. That means the only thing left on the table for these two is the championship title.

Believe me, these things matter to the players. Expect them to come in ready and fired up as if their lives depended on it.


We already knew last week that ahq e-Sports Club and Flash Wolves had qualified for 2017 World Championship. In the finals, the Taiwanese rabid canids blew the Taiwanese unicorns away, securing 4th consecutive LMS championship title.

Three days later, Hong Kong Attitude swept Raise Gaming and will go to worlds Play-in stage as LMS #3 seed. Their team logo is full of swag – Asian LoL professional scene definitely needs more of that. Represent boys!

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