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100 Thieves And Tyloo Not Given Visas, Miss The ELEAGUE - Esportsranks
100 Thieves And Tyloo Not Given Visas, Miss The ELEAGUE

For some reason, certain infamous ex-Immortals players always seem to have issues with visas. Though these players – now part of 100 Thieves – had qualified for the Legends Stage of the ELEAGUE Major in Boston, they were not granted visas to attend it. Since the ELEAGUE management let these renegades play, while preventing boltz and steel from doing so this season, fans have suggested that this is some form of rough-edged ‘karmic’ justice.

ELEAGUE did not replace the team in the event until 100 Thieves themselves confirmed that they were unable to participate. 100 Thieves weren’t the only ones who had visa issues – Tyloo were another team that couldn’t make it to the ELEAGUE for the same reason. It seems it’s rather hard these days for teams that aren’t from Europe or Australia to get a visa to the US, which causes teams to either miss events entirely, or to arrange stand-ins for one or more players.

100 Thieves say these issues have been ‘devastating’

100 Thieves’ management went online on Twitter to say that both the players and the management are devastated that visa issues prevented them from attending the event. It goes without saying that top immigration lawyers tried to get the team their visas, and this considerably in advance of the event. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work out.

CS:GO fans call this ‘Karma’ and ‘Justice’

CS:GO fans haven’t forgotten that the 100 Thieves roster consists of some of the same players who are the reason the old Immortals team disbanded. Fans answered 100 Thieves’ twitter post with comments about their visa issues being ‘karma’. Some fans even went so far as to say that the ex-Immortals players in 100 Thieves deserve to miss the ELEAGUE, and should be permanently banned for their misbehavior last year.

Interestingly enough, while the ex-Immortals in 100 Thieves drew flak, fans have been extremely supportive of boltz and steel, who have been prevented from taking part in the ELEAGUE by the event’s management. Some fans are especially disappointed because they bought tickets to the event just to meet them. All in all, we’d say that 100 Thieves have a lot of work to do on their image, as most of the comments about them were hardly supportive.

Tyloo were prevented from playing, as BnTet failed to get a visa

After winning the Asia Minor, Tyloo were the first Asian team to qualify for the ELEAGUE’s New Challengers Stage. But US immigration once again scuttled any chance the team may have had of playing at the event. Tyloo’s core player, Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand, was refused a visa. This was quite a blow to the team and their fans. Tyloo decided to try to replace BnTeT with their ex-coach Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu. Tadeu is currently coaching Heroic.

Image Credit: Tyloo

Tyloo were then unable to meet Tadeu’s demands

Tyloo were sure that their former coach would help them out by standing in for BnTeT. Tadeu did not initially decline their request, though he requested an equal wage for the time he played with them in the Major. He also asked for a percentage of the ticket sales, but Tyloo did not agree to this. Tadeu then declined to stand in for BnTeT. Tyloo had forfeited their chance to be a part of the ELEAGUE .

That’s how Flash Gaming got to be a part of the initial rounds

We’re sure that all of you were surprised to see Flash Gaming in the initial Challenger rounds, especially given their dismal showing at the event. As it turns out, Flash were given the chance to participate instead of Tyloo, since they finished third at the Asia Minor. However, Flash put out some very lackluster plays, since they had their own roster issues after two of their main riflers stepped down from the lineup. While they did more or less badly, it was probably a learning experience for Flash Gaming. However these visa issues are rather ridiculous, and show that governments still have a less-than-ideal regard for esports. These visa issues are ridiculous in just the way the Russian government made itself ridiculous by confiscating SK Gaming’s EPICENTER Trophy.

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