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100 Thieves Release their Entire CS:GO Roster - Esportsranks
100 Thieves Release their Entire CS:GO Roster

In a surprise move, we’ve learned that the 100 Thieves team have released, not only Vito Giuseppe or kNgV-, but their entire CS:GO roster. We can’t even guess at the company’s reasons for this, or why they would bother to acquire a roster at an immense cost, only to let them go shortly thereafter.

Yes, kNgV- did misbehave, and make homophobic comments, and yes, the company could indeed let him go as a ‘disciplinary action’. However, we believe that even that might have been uncalled for, and that perhaps kNgV- could just have been told to stay off Twitter and other social media. However, we don’t know what went on behind the scenes here.

Perhaps 100 Thieves representatives did try to talk to kNgV-

Perhaps company representatives did try to talk to kNgV-, and encountered ‘resistance’ to their instructions. However, did that ‘resistance’ put them into the mood to squander a small fortune as they released the whole CS:GO roster from their contract? That’s speculation.

We don’t really know that kNgV- made any scene about being disciplined for being homophobic in public. One factor that could have contributed to the roster being booted out is the fact that, having missed the ELEAGUE due to visa complications, the roster have lost their Legend status, and will now have to fight in future qualifiers.

What do the ‘homeless roster’ do now?

Before we go into that, we can tell you just what they won’t do. They won’t be teaming up with kNgV- in future. We haven’t asked why. However, they are, even without a banner, still some of Brazil’s toughest CS:GO talent, and they’ll be sticking together and trying to find a team to take them under its wing – well, all of them except kNgV-, of course. They will be sticking together, and trying to recruit a fifth man so that their CS:GO roster will be battle ready.

Sources say that the ‘missing man’ could be felps

There are certain reports that the four man ex-100 Thieves team is trying to complete their roster with Joao Vasconcellos, also known as felps, the man who was replaced by boltz on SK Gaming’s active roster, and who recently helped SK Gaming retain their Legend status in the ELEAGUE. If felps really is the man the ex-100 Thieves set are looking for, the fact that his contract with SK Gaming only expires in June of this year will necessitate that they broker a deal with SK Gaming if they want to play with him on their roster earlier than that.

DreamHack - felps to join 100 Thieves

Image Credit: DreamHack

Felps and the ex-100 Thieves set are old teammates

They’ve played together, not only in Immortals, but for Tempo Storm and Ghost Academy. They have won notable titles together, such as the iBUYPOWER Masters, the CSVO Pro League, and DreamHack Summer. If their plans to take felps on work out, this could be a roster with a potent future in CS:GO. If they ever shake off the ill-luck that seems to have followed them around. Well, they’ve shaken off kNgV-, so perhaps that amounts to the same thing.

What happens to kNgV- now?

Well, for now he’s more or less in exile in Brazil. Left at a loose end, he has more or less tasked himself with creating a brand new all-Brazilian roster for the team Virtue Gaming. This team will be competing in Brazil. KNgV-, in an interview, has said that he needs to be happy, and to rebuild himself, and we completely support these goals. The happier he gets, the happier the CS:GO world around him is likely to be, and as for rebuilding himself, one can’t help but support that goal, since the old model was so infinitely destructive. In any case, we do wish the ex-100 Thieves roster the best, and hope their plans to recruit felps and get back in action work out. The CS:GO universe can always use another hard hitting team. So long as the hard-hitting action occurs entirely in-game, that is.

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